by Josh Hostetler | Apr 14, 2015

Tire Webinar on RV Tires and Usage


April 23, 2015 - 11:00 AM EDST

Mark Your Calendars!!! 

   Tim Ball – Tredit Tire    Walter Cannon - RVSEF
tball wcannon

This webinar being hosted by RVIA will be jointly presented by Tim Ball, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales with Tredit Tire and Walter Cannon, Executive Director of the Recreation Vehicle Safety Education Foundation (RVSEF).                       

The presentations will cover issues such as:

What tires are currently being used in the RV Industry? Design Responsibility, Tire Size Designation and Tire Markings, PSI Inflation Pressures, Speed Rating, Load Ratings and the most common tire failures and causes.

It will go over considerations for consumers such as type, size, load rating, psi, load range/rating and tire age and getting the proper information to the customer.

Who should attend? – Engineers, purchasing agents and design staff for RV trailers and their related suppliers.

Why should I attend? – Discussions are going to include things such as reserve capacity/loading as a potential program requirement. Tire usage for all types of RVs from folding camping trailers to Type A motorhome. Test documentation and what should an RV manufacturer request from the tire supplier. The questions and discussions amongst attendees and presenters in one place to help you understand how other companies handle their tire issues/requirements and provide additional safety guidance for all.

What does it cost? -- This webinar is being offered to RVIA members at no cost.  

How do I participate? -- To register, send registration form (below) to Gatie Gore at ggore@rvia.org or fax to 703-620-5071.  If you have any questions, Please contact us at 1-800-336-0154 ext. 348.