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The Tredit Advantage Program powered by Urgent.ly is your nationwide, 24/7, on-demand, roadside assistance app. No membership dues, no hidden fees, no waiting on the phone. Just up-front, flat-rate pricing due only when service is complete. It’s just like Uber, only for roadside assistance – AND with many of Tredit’s Original Equipment partners – we may cover the cost of any event (see terms and conditions).

Faster, more accurate and more convenient, Tredit’s free app lets you travel with confidence and peace of mind, so you can stop waiting, worrying and wondering when help will arrive.

NEW: Tredit, with Urgent.ly have added many new features for our customers, including the ability to store a credit card, FamilyView (be alerted when family members need help), embedded promo codes (big savings!) and lots more!

How It Works:

  • With a simple tap, request assistance for a flat tire, lock out, dead battery (jump start), empty fuel tank or mechanical issue.
  • We’ll automatically detect your precise location and dispatch the closest tow truck.
  • You’ll receive confirmation that help is on the way, who is coming and a precise time of arrival.
  • You’ll be able to watch in real time on your phone as assistance comes to your location.
  • Should you choose, you’ll be able to contact the driver directly at any time during the rescue.
  • You’ll pay for service via credit card only after service is complete and you are completely satisfied.


With FamilyView, you can quickly and easily set up linked accounts for those you care about most. That way they don’t have to worry about payment and you can watch on your phone in real time as a tow truck arrives — even call the driver directly if you want.

We provide roadside assistance and towing coast-to-coast and nationwide, including Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston, LA, San Francisco, San Diego, St. Louis, Detroit, Milwaukee, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Tampa, Seattle, Minneapolis, Denver, Orlando, Miami.

With the Tredit Advantage Program powered by Urgent.ly, our mission is to provide the quickest and most transparent on-demand roadside assistance service(s) when and where you need it most. For whatever the reason, we are simply committed to getting you back on your way – as quickly, and simply as possible!

Made with your safety in mind - from Elkhart Indiana.

For a review of your eligibility to be reimbursed for use of the Tredit Advantage Program (TAP) during the first two years after retail purchase of your unit (up to $150.00), please send an email including your proof of retail purchase for the vehicle equipped with the qualifying TAP products along with a copy of this service receipt to rsa@tredittire.com - or call - 855-887-3348.



It was fast and simple to get help when needed. I was back on the road within 39 minutes from the time I requested service. Thank you again.

Holly J.


I'm not easy to impress but this platform is seriously impressive...

A retail partner


 Hit a curb and my tire exploded -- 8pm on a Friday night. Contacted Urgently and help arrived within 15 minutes -- completely competent and courteous. I was thrilled with the service. What a deal. I cancelled my AAA membership a few months ago based on advice from the NY Times and downloaded the urgently app instead -- clearly the Times know what they were talking about!

Diane S.


 I had locked my keys in my car. The Roadside service rep. was there promptly and was courteous and efficient. He was already working nearby so arrived in about 15 minutes.

Lynn S.